V-Type Closure for Rectangular Connectors

The ILME V-Type closure from Mencom provides an enclosure that is resistant to impacts and strong mechanical stress.  This innovative V-Type closure has a vertical closing movement and offers an IP66/IP67 protection rating.  The lever system differs from other commercial options because of its closing movement principle, consisting of 2 hinged elements that are then pivoted on the enclosure.V-Type Lever

The tight seal after closure and the simplicity of the movement are key characteristics that only ILME has managed to combine into a single lever.  This line is available with stainless steel (IP67) or galvanized steel levers (IP65.)

Among other features, this product is compatible with standard enclosures for easy assembly and stock keeping.


  • Tight Seal
  • Simple lever movement
  • IP65/67 and resistant to aggressive environments
  • Impact resistant
  • Cost-saving options
  • Low friction on pin for low wear


If you’re looking for a product that will be used frequently and therefore needs to stand up to wear, the V-type may be your answer.    The friction on the pin is almost zero because the lever exerts its pressure vertically.  Likewise, the complete lever is manufactured in stainless steel (C7/CV) and is fitted with a catch that prevents it from being accidentally detached.  Available in bulkhead or surface-mounted versions for sizes 44.27 with a single lever, 57.27, 77.27, and 104.27 with 2 levers.  Learn more about the V-Type Closure (PDF).


BIGThe V-Type lever is recommended for our BIG enclosure series as well.  Due to the considerable weight of BIG hoods, we recommend using them in combination with housings fitted with V-type closing levers.  Learn more about BIG enclosures here.


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