MIXO Modular Connectors

ILME MIXO Modular Units for Multipole Connectors

Mencom offers the MIXO series in five frame/enclosure sizes for a variety of applications.  The mix and match components, which are inserted into the compatible frame are brought together in a standard-size die-cast alluminum enclosure.  The inserts are suitable for connection of power and signal and include specs for pneumatics, RJ45, BUS, USB, D-Sub as well as fiber-optic and coaxial.

40 AMP & 8 AWGIf you’re looking for a 40 AMP connector that accepts 8 AWG, it’s available now.  The MIXO CX-03-4BF/BM insert is 40 AMP, 600V and allows up to a 10mm crimp contact for 8 AWG, (meeting the NEC 40 AMP wire size.)

See our complete MIXO offering, MIXO Modular Connectors (PDF).


ILME MIXO 40 AMP Finger-Safe Connector

ILME Modular ConnectorILME has developed two new modular inserts ideal for higher current applications where finger safe contact pins are required.  

 Designed to work with the MIXO series frames and other contact modules, the flexibility of these connectors provides solutions for an almost limitless number of applications.

Mencom offers inserts (# CX-3/4XDF and CX-3/4XDM) with 3 slots for 40 AMP contacts combined with 4 slots for 10 AMP contacts.  Power and signal in one;  safe on female, but also on male contacts.  A second touch-free insert (CX-04XF/XM) has 4 slots for 40 AMP contacts.

 (PDF) ILME MIXO 40 AMP Modular Connector


ILME MIXO 70AMP Modular Connector

Mencom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial electrical connectors, is offering the new MIXO modules CX-02-7F and CX-02-70amp MIXO Module7M from ILME with two 70amp contact pins. Used with the CX-01T frame, you can now obtain a cost efficient, compact connection for high currents. Or, combine these new modules with any of the existing MIXO products to create the perfect power, signal, and/or pneumatic connector. The 70amp module uses crimp technology that is proven to provide the most reliable, permanent, and safe electrical connection compared to other methods. Using this module in the CX-01T frame, in the 49.16 housings, offer a space-saving solution to high current applications.


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