CX 6/6 High Current Inserts

ILME CX 6/6 Crimp Inserts - 100AMencom is now offering the CX 6/6 ILME Rectangular Insert for high current applications.  The CX series has been enhanced with a new insert, suitable for currents up to 100A.  This insert also contains 6-16A  control pins. 


The new CX 6/6 series crimp contacts feature several benefits over conventional screw or axial screw contacts:

  • More resistant to mechanical stresses such as vibrations, shock and cable loads
  • More corrosion resistant (gas tight)
  • Quicker to connect and ensuring more consistent results (regardless of the operators ‘force’)
  • The connector is electrically more efficient (reduced voltage drop)

Learn more here in the specifications.  CX 6/6 Insert Specs


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