Material Handling Equipment Makers Upbeat About 2012

Material Handling Equipment Makers Upbeat About 2012.

Consumers and Investors are regaining confidence in economic conditions. Despite slow GDP growth in the next few quarters, the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) expects improvements in unemployment, industrial production activity and factory operating rates (utilization) will have a positive impact on material handling equipment manufacturing (MHEM).  Read more


Manufacturing Demand Strong in 2011…Outlook Good for 2012

“The resurgence of manufacturing following the crash of 2008 is unprecedented according to a release from AMT—The Association for Manufacturing Technology ( The most current U.S. manufacturing technology orders put the year-to-date total at $4,529.11 million, which is up 80.5 percent compared with 2010 and are the second highest dollar amount in the last 15 years.”

Read more of Gary Mintchell’s article at Automation World.

Understanding the Automation Knowledge Crises

Automation Control“When we talk of the so-called ‘knowledge crisis’ in the process industries today, we automatically gravitate toward discussion about the retirement of the baby boomer generation and the loss of practical knowledge associated with that.”

There’s more to it than that — consider the size and complexity of today’s automation and how they’ve “increased much more quickly than [the] human ability to document and understand them.”

Read more in an article by Chris Lyden of  PAS at Pace Today.

Manufacturing and the “Internet of Things” | Automation World

Manufacturing and the “Internet of Things” | Automation World.

ThingsThere are quite a few thought provoking points in this piece; but if nothing else, be sure and checkout the Cisco graphic depicting the concept.

Such a simple, though significant, thing as saving 3% on energy costs would have you digging into the Google maps “thing!”

What’s your thing?

Field Wireable Connectors

Mencom Field Wireable Connector
Micro DC Connector

Creating the perfect connector for emergency applications can sometimes be a difficult challenge.  Mencom understands this and offers a complete line of field wireable connectors designed to eliminate that challenge.  Whether you need to add a 4 pin MIN power drop, an extra Ethernet drop, a Shielded MDC (M12) connection, a DeviceNet node, or any of several other applications, Mencom has the connector for you.

Armored Cordset

Mencom’s new line of armored, quick disconnect cordsets provides a rugged solution for harsh enviArmored Cordsetronments.

Made with high quality, reliable, MIN (7/8”) connectors attached to rugged PVC jacketed, or bare flexible conduit, these cordsets are perfect for many industrial applications.

New 70 AMP MIXO Module

Mencom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial electrical connectors, is offering the new MIXO modules CX-02-7F and CX-02-70amp MIXO Module7M from ILME with two 70amp contact pins. Used with the CX-01T frame, you can now obtain a cost efficient, compact connection for high currents. Or, combine these new modules with any of the existing MIXO products to create the perfect power, signal, and/or pneumatic connector. The 70amp module uses crimp technology that is proven to provide the most reliable, permanent, and safe electrical connection compared to other methods. Using this module in the CX-01T frame, in the 49.16 housings, offer a space-saving solution to high current applications.