Don’t Scavenge the Parking Space Anymore

Düsseldorf Airport in Germany employs the robot valet service for travelers to help them park and retrieve their vehicles. The name of basically automated forklift is  Ray and you  can book the valet service via a smartphone app. Once you fulfill 3 simple steps leaving the car on the designated space, making sure if the car is empty from a nearby touch screen and entering the flight information, it’s all set. Ray will take care of the rest. It will measure the car by using its sensors, lift it up and move it to the available parking spot reserved for the robots.

What if your flight is delayed? Here you can find the art of the robot. Ray can handle any flight delays to determine when a car should be retrieved, thanks to the the airport’s flight data system connected to the robot. According to the return flight schedule, your car will be automatically retrieved and be ready to go when you arrive. If you’d like to change the itinerary, simply let Ray know via the app.

Check out the future of the valet parking in the video below.


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