The Size of All Space Rockets in the World

It’s been 60 years since humans launched the first rocket into space. We have developed and improved the technology of the rockets for many different purposes. Some were bigger than others but no rocket has beaten a Saturn V in size, weight and power yet. NASA has launched 13 times from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida without casualties and payload.

Are you wondering how large the rockets are? Let’s take a look at the chart below. This chart is based on original 1995 ‘Rocket of the World’ by Peter Alway and graphic artist Tyler Skrabek updated the chart by adding rockets that have launched at least three times. However the latest models that are not launched yet are not included in the chart such as the Falcon 9 Heavy and the SLS.

You can get an idea how big they are from the chart by comparing with the ice cream truck. Britain’s Black Arrow is 4 times larger than the truck but as they go larger, it becomes difficult to count how bigger they are than the truck though.

As you noticed on the chart, Russia had made some futuristic cool looking rockets in color and design with others, as if they are straight out of Galactic Empire playbook.

Rockets of the world


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