The Warning Message Regarding Artificial Intelligence from Elon Musk

Image from the 2003 film Terminator 3

Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) has been remarkably developed and improved since the first ‘robot’ was invented in 1954. Today robot are playing more important roles than ever in manufacturing, scientific research, and even in battlefield where repetitive or the most precise actions are required. Recently Amazon said they are planning to employ drones to deliver packages at the doorsteps of their customers faster.  Some robots have a functional system allowing the machine to decide on their own. They also work as they are commanded without pay and raising questions.

However are there going to be any possibility that they become smarter than humans and do not listen to our commands?

We have already seen those kinds of scenes that they start seeking improvements and evolve by themselves in many sci-fi movies or comics, such as Terminator series. The specific topic has been always intriguing us and made us think the future of A.I. may be not as bright and necessarily friendly as we hope.

elon musk

Image courtesy

Even Elon Musk, the brain as well as CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, stated that A.I. could be potentially more dangerous than nuclear bombs. He was worried about the fact that robots with advanced A.I. will be smarter than human in the near future and confront our fate thereafter.

In short, if the ethical and moral standards are not placed in A.I. of the robots, there will be no one to blame but us when the machines begin to threaten our lives. Of course, it has not been an issue we have to deal with until now, but it is an issue we certainly need to keep a close watch on to protect ourselves in the near future.


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