Did You Ever See the Elevator Moving Sideways?

Since a traditional rope elevator was invented in 1853, people just have got used to elevators moving up and down. But what if the elevators can sideways?

German engineering company ThyssenKrupp has created the next generation of elevator system moving without a rope. This is the world’s first elevator using a the multi-level brake system with a innovative magnetic technology. This new technology allows multiple elevators to move  in a loop rather than on a single trajectory just like a train system in a vertical way. In other words, you will get a elevator much faster than the traditional rope elevators by running several elevators on the same track at the same time. The speed of this elevator car will be 5m/s in a constant loop and it will be set up to stop every 50 meters which will be 15~30 seconds to pick up new people. Please watch the video clip below for more details.

According to ThyssenKrupp, this new technology will not only give you 50% of transport capacity but also help reduce the amount of space to build elevators in a building. The lighter elevator cabin and doors that standard models are plus. It is expected that the system will open up a new era for architects who are struggling with a traditional vertical elevator shaft that limits their creativity.

Unfortunately this new system is not quite ready to use yet. ThyssenKrupp said a tower is being built to test this model in Germany and it will be completed by 2016, so we may have to wait for several years more to see them in reality.


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