A Ultrasonic Force Field to Replace the Windshield Wipers

Photo © McLaren

One of the essential parts on all cars is the windshield wipers no matter what the kind of car it is and they are required by law. It is hard to imagine driving a car without the wipers in the rain, sleet, or snow. Now Frank Stephenson, the chief designer at McLaren, is trying to change this paradigm that have ruled the automotive industry for a long time by replacing the traditional wipers to invisible ultrasonic. It can clear the debris by sending 30kHz waves across the windshield, creating a force field that can prevent rain, snow, sleet or insects from getting on the surface. As a result of this, it can make the same result as the windshield wipers at a higher level of performance. Read more>

Here is the list of some benefits of this technology.

1. No more annoying wipers gping abck and forth in the rain or snow

2. No more buying new wipers every year

3. No more worry about the damage on the glass by the wipers

4. Better air flow, better fuel efficiency

5. No more trash clipped under the wipers including leaves, flyers and coupon.

This video below shows how ultrasonic waves work to clear the surface up.



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