Emerging China + India, “Chindia”. The Outlook of Two Countries by 2015

Image Courtesy of http://www.wikipedia.org

The total population of China is 1.357 billion and India 1.252 billion in 2013, which accounts for 40% of the global population, while the US has about 5%. Despite the huge difference in the number of population, it is enough to be amazed that the combined GDP of China and India has been dwarfed by the US GDP in the past years. However, it may change soon. The economy of China and India is booming and they are leading the world in economic output, which is rapidly pushing to change the balance of power on the world stage.

According to the graph below showing estimated GDP growth by 2050, it is anticipated that china will overrun the US in 2018 and India in 2046. It looks almost impossible for the US  to chase the population of “Chindia” and there seems nothing they can do at this rate.

US,China_and_India_projected_GDP_growth_2009-2050_Pwc (Image Courtesy http://www.wikipedia.org)

Those two countries have not been as innovative as the west in the history. However if more engineers equip with competitive education in the better environment, they can be a game changer producing disruptive technologies overseas. Now what all the US can do would be to keep its population well educated, innovative and creative in order to remain at the top of the leadership board or thereabouts by end of the century as they have led the world for decades.

As the economy of China and India grows quicker, we can assume that the quality of education will improve accordingly, which will draw talent around the world  toward China and India as it did in the US.

There is no doubt that China and India will be more crowded and the US is better place to enjoy better standard of living. However, you have to know that the talented tends to like the challenges for opportunities and the more challenges will be occurring outside the US.

Source from http://www.industrytap.com



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