Mencom Challenge – September

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Ease into the arithmetic mazes and experience the excitement of non-stop calculations and actions!

Note : Permission to play during work hours is neither granted nor implied.

This game is a variation of King Albert Solitaire and the rule and strategy involved are similar. At the start of the game 4 Aces are dealt as the start of 4 foundation piles. Then 42 cards are dealt into 9 tableau piles, the first tableau pile has 1 card, the second has 2 cards, and so on and the last 3 tableau piles have 7 cards. The remaining 6 cards become 6 reserve cards. The object of the game is to put all the cards to the foundation piles, which are built up in suit. Each time you can move the top card of a tableau pile or a reserve pile to the foundation piles, or to another tableau pile, which is built down by alternate colours. Each time you can only move one card so you need to plan carefully otherwise you will not be able to win. If you think you cannot win, click the “give up” button to end the game. The more cards you put to the foundation piles, the higher your score.

Credit: Novel Games


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