Leading European Countries Producing Green Energy from Wind in 2013

Wind is one of the alternative resources to produce a useful and permanent  form of energy by using wind turbines. The chart below shows the wind share of electricity in the leading western European countries.

Denmark stands out among other countries with its impressive share. They produced over 30% of electricity through wind in 2013 and at this rate there will be no problem to reach their goal of 50% wind power by 2020. According to the Earth Policy Institute, Denmark already has enough capacity to deal with large amounts of wind power and the wind energy reportedly exceeded 100% of demand on one evening last November.

Portugal has the second largest wind share of electricity with 24.6% and the third  is Spain, 20.9%.  Ireland’s share showed an impressive increase of 59% in September 2013, but the average share of electricity production through wind stayed at 17.3%. Germany is one of the countries trying to replace their traditional ways of generating electricity with renewables. Although they stood at 7.9% in the share in 2013, the number is expected to significantly grow in the near future, considering their constant efforts to look for alternatives energy.

Source from Statisca

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