VW Beetle powered by wind and solar energy

Image courtesy : pakurumo.com

The earth is getting warmer and warmer. The gas price is getting higher. We know fossil fuels will be depleted in the near future. Is there anything we can do?

Check out what a Nigerian College student named Segun Oyeyiola has done to fight against climate change. With the dedication and desire to conserve and save the environment,  he designed and built a environmentally-friendly VW Beetle made from mostly scrap parts for this project. This car even sounds too perfect to drive in his country having the extreme weather. How much did he spend to make the car? Only $6,000.

He installed a large solar panel on the roof and a wind turbine under the hood so that this retro looking Beetle can take the full advantage of airflow while being driven. Since those parts added extra weights on the car, he installed a super strong suspension system to deal with them.

In an effort to reduce CO2 emission he created this eco-friendly vehicle, it still has a long way to go. It’s battery takes four to five hours to charge and it’s early design is not yet as attractive as other electric cars in the market. The good news, however, is this eco-minded engineer wouldn’t stop the challenge util this Beetle becomes the future of the car in Nigeria and more improvements  already is planned to be added in the present design.



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