NEW ILME KITS and Pre-wired Receptacles at IMTS

Mencom Corp., Oakwood, Ga., is now offering ILME kits consisting of the main components needed to make your connection and pre-wired ILME receptacles. Both solutions are designed to help drastically reduce labor time and costs associated with product installation. ILME connectors are known for their high-quality construction and reliable connection. Applications for these connectors are found in process automation, automotive, robotics, factory automation, and machine tools just to name a few.

ILME kits provide all the pieces to create a complete solution for your connection project. Available in 3- to 24-pole connections, the kits consist of a bulkhead panel mount base (single or double lever), a male and female insert (screw or tool less spring terminations), and a mating hood (top or side entry). The entry hole is available in several sizes, so all you need is to add the proper cable gland for your cable O.D. and you are good to go.

The ILME receptacles come fully wired. All you need to do is attach it to your panel and connect the wires inside your panel. The wires are all black with printed numbers to show their pin location. These receptacles are available in 6- to 24-pole configurations. The standard wire lengths for the receptacles is 0.5m, 1m and 2m, but can be made in longer lengths by request.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!


Monday-Friday 8:00a – 5:00p EST



Distributor Order Information

Email your purchase order to: (West/South/Mid-Atlantic) (Midwest/Northeast/Canada/International)

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