Do You Think You Can Beat This Robot at Hockey?

Can you believe if you can play the air hockey by yourself? Please note that your opponent is not easy one to beat.This amazing 3D printable air hockey robot was built by an engineer named Jose Julio. It can move across the required two dimensions and even predict the movements of rebounding pucks, thanks to the great A.I.  The most of the parts are made by a RepRap 3D Printer including NEMA17 stepper motors, drivers, Arduino Mega, RAMPS, belts, bearings, and rods. More details.

The camera taken from PS3 to monitor the action is placed above the off-the-shelf wood table and it quickly perceives all the movement and bounces of the puck and move the paddle to defend and return it. Is the robot doing too good against you? You always can change the speed and acceleration of the robot, and the defending & defending algorithms of A.I.

He is not the only one who developed this kind of robot. Take a look at another air hockey robot developed by Namiki Labs, which moves across only one dimension.

You never will be bored if you have this amazing toy.


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