Threats of Counterfeit Electrical Components on the Manufacturing Industry

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Maintaining supply chain quality is one of the main issues for procurement specialists. However growing number of counterfeit components are seriously threatening both safety and integrity of supply chain quality.

You may come up with names of luxury brands when thinking of the word ‘Counterfeit’, but according to Connector Supplier the percentage of producing and applying the fake electrical components is on a constant rise in the industry to make a quick profit.

More than 53% of these counterfeits are coming from China and it often results in ruining the healthy competition in the market by providing the far cheaper prices, which influences on manufacturers with huge losses. Industry Week recently reported that monetary damage due to counterfeit components is estimated $250 billion a year. The biggest industry affected by the counterfeits is the semi-conductor industry with totaling $75 billion.

According to the survey of Global Purchasing conducted by Design Engineering & Sourcing Group,  72% of respondents answered potential dangers or monetary damages such as a product malfunction which may result in injury and death, or costly recalls and lawsuit are their main concern.

However there are some methods to overcome the challenge of detecting counterfeit products.

The survey shows that the ability of the company to find and professionally handle issues in connection with counterfeit electronic components is one of the main concerns for 41% of American design engineers. Although detecting fake products along with other problems that reside in the industry is a hard job, University of Connecticut researches suggest that establishing a physical test standard is a good method for the company to distinguish fake products from the genuine.  The test standard includes inspecting the original packages & sampling parts and blacktopping.

Furthermore having various electrical tests and inspecting the physical properties of products to ensure the overall performance as the manufacturer required can help determine whether or not they are fake products.

Source : BSE(Border States)

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