5 states with the positive future in the manufacturing industry

5 States That Know How to Manufacture

Since 2008 the severe economic recession began, the manufacturing industry has been  gone through a tough time. It is quite  discouraging to hear that there has been a loss of 2.5 million jobs in the past 10 years and nobody is sure when the US manufacturing industry would be fully recovered. The good news is that 12% of the total US economic output in 2012  was still contributed by the manufacturing industry. Especially Michigan show the fastest growth in the manufacturing occupation between 2009 and 2011. The followings are the list of the 5 states showing the positive future based on share of output in the US manufacturing industry.

1.  Indiana: one of the fastest growing manufacturing states in the nation

  • Manufacturing share of output: 28.2%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $84.15 billion

2.  Oregon: a leader in computer and electronic product manufacturing

  • Manufacturing share of output: 27.8%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $56.16 billion

3.  Louisiana: one of the nation’s leaders in petroleum and coal manufacturing

  • Manufacturing share of output: 22.6%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $55.10 billion

4.  North Carolina: a food, beverage and tobacco product powerhouse

  • Manufacturing share of output: 19.4%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $88.25 billion

5.  Wisconsin: a leader in paper manufacturing

  • Manufacturing share of output: 19.1%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $49.98 billion

Source from The Circuit Break(http://blog.act-repair.com)


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