Protecting Workers from Arc Flash

Arc Flash - Photo Cr: Mersen
Photo Credit: Mersen

From Control Design:  “Watch: Protecting Workers, Equipment from Arc Flash Hazards.”

In this article, the dangers of arc flash are discussed and a solution is presented.  Using Amp-Trap 2000 fuses (from Mersen) can help mitigate arc flash.  Read the full article.

Panel Interface ConnectorHere at Mencom, we understand the dangers of arc flash and have developed a solution that helps prevent it.  Our Panel Interface Connectors (PICs) enable connectivity to components within a control panel without the need to open the cabinet.  Under OSHA, in hand with NFPA 70E standards, anyone opening a control cabinet is required to have training and wear protective gear.  This can make testing and maintaining equipment expensive.

The alternative, going without personal protection equipment or using a technician who is not certified, can be deadly.  As stated in the Control Design article, “…more than 2,000 workers were sent to burn centers this year from arc flash-related injuries.”

Click here to learn more about our PICs.

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