Mix and Match I/O? Maybe

Though There Can Be Downside Risks, the Up Might Overshadow the Down – Stay Informed

DeviceNetFrom Control Design’s Jeremy Pollard, this article looks at choosing your control and I/O and the ups and downs of incorporating components from more than one vendor. 

“The fieldbus market is big. The protocols are varied, and they are all supposed to play nicely with the others. In most cases they do. But as users and OEMs, we should be able to pick best of breed for our applicaMicro (M12) DeviceNettions and not have to pay a king’s ransom for the privilege.”

Pollard poses these questions:

“So why would you want to incorporate Rockwell-, AutomationDirect- and Invensys-connected I/O in the same control system? Although price is always a consideration, you might think that using an Opto 22 DeviceNet interface is better because of size limitations. Invensys or a similar DCS vendor might have onboard valve control. Festo might have an I/O patch board for pneumatics, which just makes things easier. How about your drive supplier? Does it support any type of direct interface?”  Read more.


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