“GFCI – What they are and are not”

From Machine Design editor Leland Teschler, learn about GFCI. Here’s a snippet:

Mencom Panel Interface with Ground Fault ReceptacleAs an example, consider a person using an electrical appliance outside in the rain. Suppose that person is barefoot (another of God’s ways of thinning out the gene pool). The appliance is wet, and there is a path from the hot wire through the operator to ground. Electricity flowing from hot to ground through the operator could be fatal. The GFCI will sense that current may be flowing because there is an imbalance between current flowing out of the hot wire and into the neutral wire. As soon as the GFCI senses this imbalance, it will trip and cut off the electricity.  Read the full article:  http://bit.ly/machdes_gfci


(See Mencom PICs with GFCI: http://bit.ly/mencompicgf)


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