A Conversation with Michael McClellan – Maximize Your Productivity with Collaborative Manufacturing

You are invited to the next installment in the Manufacturing Leadership Webinar Series, hosted by Northwest Analytics.

Collaborative Manufacturing – A Conversation with Michael McClellan

Thursday, January 31, 2013 – 11AM PST
McClellan_CollaborativeThis live conversation with, Michael McClellan, author of “Collaborative Manufacturing: Using Real-time Information to Support the Supply Chain”, will review the fundamentals of manufacturing collaboration and how to take your operations to the next level.

In too many companies information and expertise are fragmented and too many decisions are made in isolation. Every decision maker needs the right information immediately available and the ability to interact with everyone involved with making the right decision. How do you develop a collaboration strategy that properly supports each decision?

Over the course of the conversation, Michael will discuss:
• What collaboration is in the context of a manufacturing enterprise;
• The expanded role of collaboration in the evolution of manufacturing system models;
• Building the real-time process analytics and communications that makes collaboration work.


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