Servo vs. Induction – Control Engineering

Control Engineering  offers a webcast: Servo vs. Induction: Which Should be Considered for What Applications?

Induction motor-based systems, with appropriate design, can have servo-like performance at what can be a lower price point. Which should be considered for what applications? Are there areas where either might apply? Criteria will be provided for deciding between them. An exam and certificate are available for one professional development hour (PDHs), according to Registered Continuing Education Program rules (from the American Council of Engineering Companies).

Learning objectives for this webcast:

  • Overview and history of the motor technology landscape.
  • Definition of terms (servos, induction motor based systems).
  • Differences between the two technologies: servos vs induction motor based systems.
  • Relative pros and cons from the standpoint of applications and cost.
  • Criteria for choosing between the two technologies.
  • A broad list of applications and practical guidelines for choosing the right technology.




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