Managing the Risk of Arc Flash

From Control Engineering, Jack Smith offers a well-written, thorough article detailing the risk of arc flash and ways to manage that risk.  If you are a plant or safety manager, this is information you need to know.    Just a few of the “Talking Points”:

Five to 10 arc flash explosions occur in electrical equipment every day in the United States, according to statistics compiled by Cap-Schell, Inc., a Chicago-based research and consulting firm that specializes in preventing workplace injuries and deaths.

Injuries from arc flash events range from minor injuries to third-degree burns and potential death due to the energy released.

Other injuries include blindness, hearing loss, nerve damage, and cardiac arrest.

The costs of arc flash are both human and financial. Those costs include:

  •  The average cost of medical treatment for survivors of serious arc flash injuries is $1.5 million.
  • Total costs, including litigation can be as much as $10 million.

Nonhuman costs include:

  • Downtime
  • Lost revenue
  • Loss of product
  • Equipment damage
  • Regulatory impact
  • OSHA citation and fines.

Read the entire article:

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