Spring Connection Terminals offer Cost Savings on the Floor and in the Field

Spring connection terminals offer ease of use and cost savings on the floor and in the field. 

ILME Spring ConnectorProduction machinery needs to keep running,  everything from assembly machinery, conveyors, material handling, and packaging equipment.   Individual process control components play a key role in achieving this goal, and selecting the right connectors can be crucial.  Low maintenance spring connection rectangular connectors provide quick-connect                                                      

 The spring connection terminals offer a solution that can handle the vibration and rugged environments often found on factory floors.  In addition to  productivity issues  there are regulatory issues such as those found in the pharmaceutical and other chemical processing plants.  Spring inserts offer gastight connections to meet the needs found in some hazardous and controlled production environments.  Whether  you need resistance to vibration and shock or environmental factors, this product has a place in your shop.

 In the field there are many uses for this versitle connector; from alternative energy sources like wind power and solar, to high-speed trains, busses, and heavy equipment including cranes and hoists.  The reliability of the spring clamp termination eliminates concerns of loosening or disconnecting often associated with classic screw-type connections.  The spring insert is perfect to ensure reliable and safe operation.

So what is this connector all about?  The features of this insert include easy access, easy identification and tool-free activation.  With a variety of options for size and power needs, the product saves time and that saves money.

One such connector is the CSH series by ILME.  With this “Squich” series, the connectors are supplied with the actuator button lifted; causing the spring to rest in the “open terminal” position.  This is easily identified by the orange colored tab which makes them stand out from the insulating body of the connector.   Furthermore, when the button is pressed, the actuators disappear completely within body of the connector making identification of active cables simple.  Actuating the button, by simply pressing it down, releases the spring and creates a gastight connection to your wire.

 One of the greatest benefits of this technology is the ability to activate the terminal completely tool-free.  This plug and play feature minimizes cabling time over the screw-type connections. 

 With so many reasons to like this innovative solution; take a look at this cost saving connector when you need to upgrade the system or when you are designing your next machine.  It’s worth your time.

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